A programme provides a set of relevant knowledge and skills in the field of pedagogy with a focus on student-centric approaches to teaching and suitable for those who want to start a career as a teacher or analyze and  enrich your teaching experience on the basis of modern concepts.

Language of the programme is Russian.

modern pedagogy

post-diploma certificate

Moscow, Artplay Design Center,
st. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, building 4
about the programme
The modules of the program consist of independent work with material (video lectures and longreads), online classes and classroom work with a teacher at the school.

During the study time, students will undergo teaching practice in partner schools or education centers, get acquainted with representatives of various schools in the world, collect and submit their resume.
16 October 2023 - 27 July 2024
512 academic hours

A programme consists of 4 modules, including 5 intensive offline sessions for 3 days, online classes for 2 times a week and teaching practice.

Training takes place on the  territory of Universal University.
navigate the features and requirements of the main pedagogical systems of Russia and the world, the ideas of the classics and modern researchers of education, the psychological characteristics of working with children of different ages

you will learn

manage class dynamics, correctly formulate assignments and give feedback, involve the student and use digital tools in the lesson
develop yourself as a professional with care for your own resource state
design classes, educational events and syllabus of your subject using different learning models, assessment approaches and motivational design


programme curators

  • Kirill Medvedev

    Program Director of Yandex Education, Director of the New School Alumni Charitable Foundation, First Director of the New School, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics Teacher

  • Dmitry Nesterenko

    academic director of the private school "Dynasty", author of the telegram channel about  education "How they teach  them", thematic curator of the conference "MMSO.Merkator", Ph.D., host of programs on  radio Mayak, geography teacher


  • Elena Kazakova
    Doctor of Pedagogy, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy, St. Petersburg State University, Corresponding Member. Russian Academy of Education, scientific director of the SberClass project
  • Petr Mazaev
    Coordinator IB DP at the European Gymnasium, head of the humanities department of the Le Sallay Dialog school, curator of the MMSO online conference. Karamzin
  • Anastasia Serazetdinova
    Academic director of Adriatic College in  Montenegro and  literature teacher
  • Aram Pakhchanyan
    Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation, Curator of the School of Education Management and Leadership Program, Physics teacher
  • Anton Tkachenko
    Ph.D., head of the tutor service of the Golden Section school, methodologist of the program "Teacher for Russia", teacher of literature
  • Anastasia Sukhenko
    Teacher of the highest category, author of specialized courses in history, certified teacher IB MYP, head of the January school in history in Letovo
  • Taras Pashchenko
    Head of the Education Content Design Laboratory at the HSE Institute of Education
  • Katerina Polivanova
    Professor of the Higher School of Economics
  • Alexander Fenin
    Psychologist, researcher, former UX researcher of SberKlass and  Yandex Textbook
  • Ekaterina Zorinova
    Rosobrnadzor expert, vice-rector of the European University
  • Antonina Bolotova
    Deputy director for support, welfare and career of the school "New Look", senior methodologist, ex-head of the tutor service of OANO "New School"
plan to start your career as a teacher and in a short time to get the necessary skills and practice

this programme is suitable if you

want to deepen your pedagogical expertise by immersing yourself in modern international approaches to learning
have already started working at a school or educational center, but do not have a pedagogical education
It is possible to pay in two stages from individuals and legal entities. When paying for training of 3 or more employees, a discount. The conclusion of the contract is possible only after the approval of the application by the curator.
start — October 16, 2023
Language of the programme is Russian.
185 000 *
* including VAT