A school for educators who want to rethink traditional and develop new approaches to learner-centered education.

We create educational programmes that enhance professional community and offer new tools for personal growth.

professionals for modern education

who is the school for?
teachers and instructors who work in primary, secondary, further, and higher education and who would like to learn relevant and practical methods
educational leaders who wish to transform their organizations
curriculum and instruction specialists willing to create meaningful learning experience
Israel Education Discovery Tour
Exploratory field-school is dedicated to the topic of innovative educational projects in Israel. We will get acquainted with Israeli colleagues, their organizations, we will see examples of alternative approaches to education system: from school without lessons to the concept of the city as an educational space.

may 28 – june 2
offline programme

short intensive courses

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Looking for the development of educator competencies for your employees or assistance in evaluating educational programmes and environments? You can get help from our team.
corporate training programmes
about the school
School of Education is a project created by the Universal University, a major Russian university for creative industries. Over the past 16 years, we have paid special attention to researching latest teaching approaches and introducing progressive, evidence-based teaching methods to creative education.

Since its foundation, the University has served as a platform for creating a new educational landscape and rethinking traditional approaches. Our goal is to share the expertise we have accumulated at the Universal University to add to the education of the future.
  • Sonya Smyslova
    Programme Director and Curator of the School of Education
  • Renata Gizatulina
    Instructional designer, consultant and curator of educational programs
  • Victoria Elkina
    Head of BIOCAD Corporate University
  • Darya Ilishkina
    Postgraduate student at Maastricht University, pedagogical designer, co-author of CRAFT / ED
  • Anastasia Serazetdinova
    Academic Director of Adriatic College in Montenegro
  • Alexander Grigoriev
    Deputy Director for Strategic Planning and Development at "Novaya shkola"
  • Nargiz Asadova
    Member of the management team of the European Gymnasium
  • Mikhail Sverdlov
    Product Development and Digital Transformation Trainer, ex-Director of Development at Skypro
  • Ekaterina Cherkes-zade
    Rector of Universal University
  • Kseniya Pletner
    Business consultant, former Head of Personnel Training, Microsoft Russia
  • Alexander Nenashev
    Head of pdupd.co bureau

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school values
ability to learn
We believe that educators embody life-long learning. Their programmes enhance self-directed learning skills and equip students with the tools to keep learning long after the course ends.
understanding the context and critical thinking
We are certain that education reflects and informs the reality. Therefore, all our educational programmes develop the skills crucial to understand, analyze, and interpret the nuances of the contemporary world and the world of the future.
learner-centered approach
We begin the design of our courses with people in mind. We create organic, learner-centered educational environments and pass this value to our students.
creative thinking
In a world that already has everything but still demands new solutions, the skill to reinvent education is critical. We aim to instill the audacity to rethink the reality in all our students.
learning from the community
We strive to shape our students into the community of fellow-thinkers, the community of people who value one another's contribution to learning and who recognize the importance to maintain this value in their own lives.
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