A program is for those who want to master product management in education, systematize and deepen their practice in current activities or get acquainted with management of products in a new format for themselves.

product management in education

post-diploma certificate
about the programme
27 October 2023 — 27 July 2024 ,
9 months, 348 ac. hours

A programme consists of 5 intense offline sessions on 3 days and online sessions 1−2 times a week on evenings on weekdays.

To offline sessions you can connect online and be in class with everyone. Training takes place on the territory of Universal University.
Programme modules consist of independent work with material (video lectures and longreads), webinars and classroom work with teacher at school.

Students go through three rounds of project work, which consists in developing a product or its elements according to briefs from teachers or a partner educational organization.

During the study time, students will collect a portfolio of developed products, which confirms the professional skills of students.
you will learn
formulate a strategy for an educational product, manage the development backlog at different stages of its life cycle
analyze the market, target audience and  trends in  education, formulate the value proposition of the product
find product-market fit and choose an effective business model for the product
manage the product team in education and the process of developing products of various types (B2C, B2B, LMS, etc.)
  • Asya Fursova
    Dean of School of Education, Team Lead of Producers at Universal University
  • Natalia Vorobieva
    CPO at GoPractice Inc.
  • Marina Harahordina
    Head of methodological department Skillbox
  • Daria Vasyanina
    Product owner LIME, ex-Skillbox senior product manager
  • Mikhail Sverdlov
    Coach for product development and digital transformation, ex-director of development of Skypro
  • Alexander Nenashev
    Head of Strategic Service Design at pdupd.co
  • Alexander Fenin
    Senior UX Researcher @ Juro, former Head of Research at Yandex. Textbook and Sber. Class
  • Petr Mazaev
    Historian, Head of the Humanities Department at Le Sallay Dialogue School
  • Dmitry Abbakumov
    Head of the Center for Psychometrics and Educational Analytics, Yandex Practicum
  • Anastasia Serazetdinova
    Academic Director of Adriatic College in Montenegro
partnership briefs of previous years
It is possible to pay in two stages, from individuals and legal entities. Discounts are provided for training 3 or more employees. Enrollment in the program is based on an online interview with the curator.
start — October 16, 2023
Language of the programme is Russian.
165 000 ₽*
* including VAT