Post-diploma programmes of 250 academic hours or more for future and current learning experience designers and educational managers.

The Courses are delivered in a blended format and take one semester or an academic year.

learning experience design
A programme is for those who want to systematically master didactic design (instructional design) in different segments of education, systematize their practice in current activities or master a wider toolkit for designing a programme in a new format for themselves.

  • October 1, 2023 — July 27, 2024
  • online format
  • 465 academic hours
post-diploma certificate
Sonya Smyslova, author of the programme, co-founder of the School of Education, PhD student at the University of Cambridge
modern pedagogy
A programme provides a set of relevant knowledge and skills in the field of pedagogy with a focus on student-centric approaches to teaching and suitable for those who want to start a career as a teacher or analyze and  enrich your teaching experience on the basis of modern concepts.

• October 16, 2023 — July 27, 2024
• blended learning (offline + online)
• 512 academic hours
post-diploma certificate
Dmitry Nesterenko, curator of the programme, academic director of the private school "Dynasty"
Kirill Medvedev, Programme Curator, Program Director, Yandex Education
product management in education
A programme is for those who want to master product management in education, systematize and deepen their practice in current activities or get acquainted with management of products in a new format for themselves.

• October 27, 2023 — July 27, 2024
• blended learning (offline + online)
• 348 academic hours
post-diploma certificate
Asya Fursova, author of the programme, dean of the School of Education, team leader of producers at Universal University
management and leadership in education
Post-diploma programme for heads of schools, colleges, universities, continuing education centers for adults or children, as well as for heads of functional departments of educational organizations.

  • February 1, 2024 – July 27, 2024
  • blended learning (offline + online)
  • 262 academic hours
post-diploma certificate
Aram Pakhchanian, the programme director, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Foundation, Head of the Ayb School in 2014 – 2020
corporate training design
A programme is for those who want to systematize their practice in designing corporate training and to master a wider toolkit of influencing business results through training and development of employees.

• March 3, 2023 — May 20, 2023
• online format
• 120 academic hours
advanced training courses
Victoria Elkina, head of the corporate university at the biotechnology company BIOCAD